Generate Windows Terminal Scheme is a VSCode extension for, well, generating Windows Terminal colour schemes. What does it generate them from? The currently active VSCode colour theme!

I built this because I wanted my VSCode and Windows Terminal to match, and I must say I am super happy with the results!


Using the Night Owl theme

In fact, I was so happy with it, I even used colours from Night Owl for this website, so now my editor, terminal, and website are all matchy-matchy.


To use it, first install it in VSCode. Then, open your command pallette with Ctrl+Shift+P, type 'Generate Windows Terminal Scheme' and hit Enter. At this time, there is no extension API to get the name of the colour theme, so you will be prompted to enter it. When you enter the name, a new editor will open containing a JSON object.

You can now copy that JSON object, and paste it into your VSCode schemes array. To do that, open VSCode, click on the dropdown in the header bar and click Settings (alternatively, Ctrl+,). Your settings file will open in your default JSON editor. Now find the schemes array, and paste the JSON into it. To use the scheme, add a "colorScheme": "<your-title>" property to either the profiles.defaults object, or any of the profile objects in the profiles.list array.